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Impulsada por la tecnología Soluciones de ingeniería

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Featured Products

Nordson Xaloy - X8000™ Encapsulated Screws

pictureX8000™ is a thermal spray coating applied to the screw. It can be applied for the full flight length or only on isolated areas of the screw that are more susceptible to wear. Used for for Extrusion and Injection Processes.

Matsui MJ5-I

picture It’s the first series of dehumidifying dryers with iplas – intelligent, self-control technology that autonomously determines and maintains optimal drying conditions. As a result, it uses up to 75% less energy than conventional systems.

Pulsar Mixing Screw

The Nordson XALOY Pulsar® Mixing Screw offers a conventional style screw design with superior distributive mixing qualities. The turbulent reorientation of melt stream improves part uniformity.

Our Specialties

Plastics Process Control Optimization

Scientific Molding Experts - RJG
- De Coupled Molding
- Cavity Pressure Monitoring
- Process Analysis and Stabilization

Scientific Cooling Platform by Smartflow®
- Smartflow’s (Patent Pending) Delta-Q Flow Regulator
- Ice-cube Flowmeter
- Dr. Eddy Flowmeter/Turbulent Flow Indicator

Specialized Heat Transfer Equipment - Regloplas
- High Efficiency TCU’s
- High Temp Pressurized “Water” Units
- High Quality Robust Oil Temperature Units

Melt Stream Optimization

Xaloy - over 82 years of experience
- Multiple Patented Products (Sampling)
- Smart Heat™
- EasyMelt® Screw

Die Casting

Industry Leading supplier of specialty TCU’s providing highest quality and safety standards for high heat applications using water and oil - Regloplas.

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